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Hey Babe!

Are you ready for your best bikini body this summer?

Summer is on the way and that means bikinis, bare legs and short clothes. In the winter, we definitely ate more and skipped quite a few steps in our sports routine. For many babes, therefore, this declaration may cause panic, as the inevitable revelation of bikinis will show evidence of consuming too much chocolate, ice cream, and other delicious but unhealthy goodies. Are you among them?

Do not worry. I totally get you! I have prepared some great but simple tricks that will help you and all your friends achieve the perfect figure. We will get the bikini body for beach trips, pool parties and weekend getaways.

If you’re wondering how to afford a summer body in which you’ll feel healthier than ever, keep reading.

My name is Rebecca and I would like to share my experience with you of how to implement simple lifestyle changes to ger bikini body ready.

Hop on the last train and join us in getting ready for this summer!

If you truly want to see the best results, you have to take 6 weeks – to get your body in shape, have beautiful skin and achieve optimal results. If you have only a month, start as soon as possible! Losing weight quickly is definitely not healthy.

You have to love the skin that makes you – PERFECT! Comparing yourself to others will only do bad things to you. It is wasting your precious time. Therefore we have to start with the little things we love about ourselves such as lashes and nails – so let’s focus on these instead of the others we don’t like. Calm your mind, love yourself and the skin you are in no matter your size and shape. Focus on what is important – you!

Exercise and relaxation

Our bodies are made to move. Mobility is of crucial importance for health. It is not in our nature to cling like sacks. There are so many fun things one can do completely free and they won’t damage the body in the long term but instead force us to be active. Join an aerobics class or workout at home. Go on a long walk or go jogging. Play volleyball with your friends or take a bike ride to a well-deserved picnic in nature. This way you will raise your heart rate and burn calories, but at the same time have fun and don’t even notice you are doing good for your bikini body. I myself prefer to go to nature for a short jog and do yoga three times per week to relax.

Let’s eat good and healthy food

Let’s make sure we eat the food our body needs. For me, the rule is more meals, smaller portions. I always eat until I am full, several times a day. I don’t need to stick to strict diets. I listen to my body and eat the food that suits me best. Look into your diet and exclude things that do not belong in your diet for the upcoming summer (chocolate, cake and sweets, etc.). However, you must not forget that some fats are healthy. For example, essential fats keep the skin refined, giving it a more beautiful appearance. Include foods such as avocado, walnuts and coconut butter or olive oil in your diet to consume some of the essential oils you need.


Drink a lot of water

We save the skin from dehydration and dryness in the summer months by making sure that there is a sufficient fluid intake. If water lost due to sweat is not replaced with good H2O, our skin will be rough and taut, it can flake off and sometimes bleed if it bursts. We don’t want that at all, do we? Add more water to your favourite drink and your skin – and bikini body – will be grateful.

Although tanning can make us visibly healthy and create a glow, the skin we sunbathe caramelizes and that means we have caused irreparable damage. Later, the aforementioned healthy skin can turn into wrinkles and even skin cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to provide adequate protection before sunbathing. However, this still does not mean that we can expose to the sun at maximum heat. In no case will this benefit us. Protect yourself with a suitable natural lotion, or make it at home – using coconut oil.

Skin scrub

Most people recommend removing dead skin particles and improving blood circulation with a body brush before taking a shower. I can tell you that I have never enjoyed this too much. You either? Do not worry. In addition to dry brushing, I discovered a scrub that is gently applied and massaged all over the body in the shower. Easy and a lot of fun. Are you already wondering what miracle thing to get a bikini body is this?

Now is the time to entrust you with the most crucial part of your summer preparations. It’s called the Bikini Body bundle.

For several years now, I have been using only natural products for the annual preparation for the summer, with quality ingredients that have been proven to work. Again, I chose carefully. And I found them. Bye Bye Celullit and Bye Bye Water. Together they make Bikini Body. Sounds crazy right? Because it is!

The bikini bundle is the best combination for long-term weight loss, which not only provides a smaller number on the scale but also beautiful, toned and firm skin.

Let me briefly introduce you to the effective functions of the natural ingredients they contain:


Bye Bye Water attacks fat from within

Bye Bye Water contains nettle, which is excellent for stimulating metabolism, purifying the body and draining water from the body. It is mainly used to speed up metabolism and excrete toxic substances from the body. Nettle drains water and has a cleansing effect on the urinary tract. Elderberry accelerates sweating and excretion of water from the body. It is known as a good accelerator of urinary excretion, and it is also used by many healers in fasting, as it is considered a natural remedy that removes excess toxins from the body.


Bye Bye Cellulite attacks fat from the outside

Bye Bye Cellulite with arabica coffee beans is effective against cellulite and stretch marks. They make the skin firmer and smoother. Himalayan salt improves blood circulation and cleanses the skin. Extra virgin coconut oil protects the skin and pleasantly moisturizes it. Cold-pressed almond oil nourishes, protects and restores cracked skin, neem: unrefined oil soothes the skin and vitamin E, an antioxidant protects it.

I was impressed by the Bye Bye Cellulite even after using it for the first time.

Today marks the 15th day since I first started using the Bikini Body bundle. You must be wondering when I noticed my first results. I have to admit that I have shown my perseverance here. And it paid off fairly. A couple of days ago, the scale showed 2 pounds less. But I think that Bye Bye water is mainly responsible for that because Bye Bye Cellulite impressed me even after I used it for the first time. Pleasant scent, rough texture, body massage, smooth skin and time just for me. This is truly a real home Wellness. I treat myself to it twice a week and the skin was smooth and radiant already after the second use.


Paket Bikini Body

PRODAJNI HIT: Odpravi trdovraten celulit in odvečne kilograme!
  • Odplakne odvečno vodo iz telesa
  • Odpravi zadrževanje vode
  • Preprečuje napihnjenost in zabuhlost
  • Opazno oblaži videz celulita in strij
  • Prispeva k izgubi telesne teže
  • Poveča pretok krvi in ​​izboljša oskrbo kože s hranili
  • Napne kožo in podkožna tkiva
  • Rezultati vidni že po nekaj dneh
  • Testirano – izguba 1,5 kg / teden*

*Rezultati uporabe izdelka se lahko od osebe do osebe razlikujejo.

350g | for 30 days
Regular price: 55,80 £
27,90 £
and save 27,90 £

I have already mentioned exercise and relaxation in nature and additional exercises for the body, but I almost forgot to tell you that I am already on my third day of the free training program. Yeah, you heard right. In addition to super natural products to prepare for the summer, Babe’s Vitamins together with the renowned personal trainer Iza Štucin prepared a training program, of course from home. 

See for yourself by CLICKING on Babe’s Home Workout and join us.

Before I conclude with my experience and the preparation for this summer, let me entrust you with a few more tips. Be persistent, jump into the summer with a healthy and shaped body and don’t forget to invite your friends. Is there anything better than achieving goals in your favourite company and having crazy fun?

I wish you successful results, good luck!

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